Day 2 | Tuesday, June 27th

DFHM8 | Torino | 26-29 June 2023

Tuesday, June 27th

9:00 - 10:45 Aula Magna
Session: Monitoring, Detection and Warning I
Moderator: Paul Santi
9:00 Keynote speaker: F. Guzzetti (Italy) Landslide Early Warning Systems: Resources or Problems? (#49)
9:30 Discussion
9:35 M. Hürlimann, V. Medina, R. Ruiz-Carulla, L. Molano, O. Torra, J. Moya Monitoring and modelling of debris-flow erosion in the Rebaixader catchment (Pyrenees, Spain) (#58)
9:50 B. Taboni, D. Vianello, F. Vagnon, A.M. Ferrero, S.M.R. Bonetto The RES approach for debris flow susceptibility analysis: a case study (#145)
10:05 G. R. Schmucki, P.Bartelt, Y. Bühler, A. Caviezel, C. Graf, M. Marty, A. Stoffel, C. Huggel Photogrammetrically UAV based terrain data generation and automatic extraction of torrential properties (#133)
10:20 Discussion
10:30 - 11:00 Foyer / Emma Strada Room
Coffee Break
11:00 - 12:30 Aula Magna
Session: Monitoring, Detection and Warning II
Moderator: Marina Pirulli
11:00 In memory of Velio Coviello
L. Marchi, V. Coviello, M. Cavalli, F. Comiti, S. Crema, P. Macconi
Monitoring debris flows in the Gadria catchment (eastern Italian Alps): data and insights acquired from 2018 to 2020 (#90)
11:15 F. Walter, Z. Zhang, J. Aaron, B. McArdell, C. Graf Seismic Measurements of Roll Waves in Debris Flows (#159)
11:30 H. Tang, L. McGuire, A. Youberg Objective definition of discharge thresholds for post-fire debris flows (#149)
11:45 F. Cazorzi, M. Barbini, A. Beinat, M. Bernard, M. Boreggio, M. Cesca, S. Cucchiaro, R. Dainese, A. De Luca, C. Demmler, C. Gregoretti, K. Hagen, V. Lechner, E. Maset, M. Neuhauser, P. Nicolosi, C. Zingerle A model-based early warning system for runoff-generated debris-flow occurrence: preliminary results (#23)
12:00 S. Regmi, K. Liu, S. Wei Experimental study of seismo-acoustic frequency and flow velocity of debris flow (#121)
12:15 Discussion
12:30 - 14:00 Foyer / Emma Strada Room
Lunch Break - Sponsored by BGC Engineering
13:30 - 14:00 Aula Magna
Satellite Sponsor Session II
Moderator: Giulia La Porta
KANE Geotech, Inc. - William F. Kane Applications of Flexible Debris Protection Nets (15')
Maccaferri - Luca Gobin, Stefano Cardinali HelloMac: An innovative Early Warning System for rockfall and debris flow protection structures (15')
14:00 - 15:50 Aula Magna
Session: Role of Disturbance
Moderator: Marcel Hürlimann
14:00 Keynote speaker: K. Barnhart (USA) Forecasting the inundation of postfire debris flows (#10)
14:30 Discussion
14:35 Z. White, P. Santi Projected Effects of Climate Change on Post Wildfire Debris-Flow Hazards Applied to the 2017 Thomas Fire, California USA (#165)
14:50 M.P.A. Gatto, V. Lentini, L. Montrasio, F. Castelli Rainfall-induced shallow landslides triggered after vegetation removed because of fires: G-XSLIP application to Gioiosa Marea (Sicily, Italy) (#44)
15:05 B. Hatchett, S. Bacon, W.T. Brandt, A. Heggli, J. Lancaster Snowmelt-triggered debris flows in seasonal snowpacks (#53)
15:20 P. Aigner, E. Kuschel, L. Sklar, C. Zangerl, M. Hrachowitz, T. de Haas, J. Huebl, R. Kaitna Debris-flow activity and sediment dynamics in the landslide-influenced Lattenbach catchment, Austria (#4)
15:35 Discussion
15:50 - 18:30 Emma Strada Room
Poster Session I + Refreshments
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