Poster session 1 | Tuesday June 27th

DFHM8 | Torino | 26-29 June 2023

Tuesday, June 27th | Poster session 1

15:50 - 18:30 Emma Strada Room
Session: Process and Mechanics
J. Aaron, R. Spielmann, B.W. McArdell, C. Graf Debris-flow monitoring with high-frequency LiDAR scanners: a new method to infer the internal dynamics of debris flows (#1)
A. Åberg, J. Aaron, T. de Haas, B.W. McArdell, J. Hirschberg Analysis of superelevation and debris flow velocities at Illgraben, Switzerland (#2)
K. F Cui, G.G.D. Zhou, L. Jing, Y. Xie, X. Lu Particle size segregation and diffusion in saturated granular flows: implications for grain sorting in debris flows (#27) Haas, B.W. McArdell, W. Nijland, A. Åberg, J. Hirschberg, S. Jong, P. Huguenin Factors controlling bed and bank erosion in the Illgraben (CH) (#31)
J. Fang, Y. Cui, X. Li, H. Tang Numerical investigation of particle dynamic behaviours in geophysical flows considering solid-fluid interaction (#38)
H. Hashimoto, I. Sato, R. Kuwano Critical states observed in triaxial compression tests on volcanic pumice soil related to debris flow in the 2008 Iwate-Miyagi Nairiku Earthquake (#52)
J. Hirschberg, B.W. McArdell, A.L. Könz, M. Christen, P. Molnar, P. Bartelt Entrainment maps considering hydrological conditions for mass movement runout modelling: application to 9debris-flow bulking at Pizzo Cengalo (#54)
C. Jan, L. Dey The influence of particle size on the spread distance and angle of friction of granular materials (#66)
S. W. McCoy, D.B. Cavagnaro, J.W. Kean, M.A. Thomas, D.N. Lindsay A robust method to identify the occurrence of a runoff-generated debris flow (#93)
X. Meng, C.G. Johnson, J.M.N.T. Gray Formation of dry granular fronts and watery tails in debris flows (#95)
S. Miyata, M. Nonaka, S. Kubo, K. Fukunaga, S. Ando, M. Fujita A novel approach to measuring pore fluid sediment concentrations of debris flows in a volcanic torrent (#100)
J. Munch, P. Bartelt, M. Christen Multi-component avalanches  from rock- and ice- falls to debris flow transition modelling (#103)
T. Pei, T. Qiu Debris flow susceptibility mapping in Colorado Front Range,  USA: a comparison of physics-based and data-driven approaches (#111)
L. Roelofs, P. Colucci, E. Nota, T. Flipsen, T. Haas Effects of debris-flow and bed composition on erosion and entrainment (#125)
K. Saito, T. Horiguchi Segregation of water and gravel using large ball mill device laid roughness bed (#128)
D. Song Analysis on the dynamic characteristics of debris flow in Jiangjia Ravine, China (#140)
R. Spielmann, J. Aaron, B.W. McArdell Inferring spatial variations in velocity profiles and bed geometry of natural debris flows based on discharge estimates from high-frequency 3D LiDAR point clouds; Illgraben, Switzerland (#141)
V. Stammberger, M. Krautblatter Quantifying lateral bedrock erosion caused during a hyperconcentrated flow in a narrow alpine limestone gorge (#142)
S. Takayama, N. Hayashi, F. Imaizumi Experimental study on the effects of local sediment accumulation on a debris flow surge in a steep channel (#148)
T. Uchida, Y. Nishiguchi, S. Niwa, T. Kubo, Y. Gonda, Y. Satofuka How are fine sediments described in sediment sheet flow? (#154)
T. Wada, H. Mushiake, H. Miwa Effect of Including Sand Component in a Debris Flow on Concentration of Coarser Particle at the Flow Front (#158)
W. Webb, C. Heron, B. Turnbull Fines-controlled drainage in just-saturated, inertial column collapses (#163)
F. Zarattini, F. Gabrieli Simulations of non-stationary flows of dry granular material along an inclined chute (#171)
M. Zheng, H. Liu, S. Poudyal, C.W.W. Ng Impact force of post-fire debris flows over erodible bed (#172)
Session: Experiments and Modeling
D. Alliau, G. Piton, G. Chambon, A. Drouet, V. Koulinski, D. Kuss, D. Laigle, V.Mano, C. Misset, C. Peteuil, S. Roux, P. Verry Small-scale study of Debris-Flows Interactions with a Lateral Debris Basin and Crossings: The Manival Torrent case study (#5)
M. Bernard, M. Barbini, L. Battistel, M. Berti, A. Simoni, C. Gregoretti Simulations of the occurrence of runoff-generated debris flows by means of hydrological models in headwater rocky basins (#13)
R.K. Dash, M. Samanta, D.P. Kanungo Dimensionless numbers and flow characterisation of Tangni debris flow, Indian Himalayas (#29)
C. di Prisco, P. Marveggio, I. Redaelli, M. Zerbi Impact of a dry granular flow against a rigid wall: MPM simulations with a new constitutive approach (#34)
K. Hashimoto, H. Watabe, H. Kisa, T. Hoya, T. Itoh, Y. Watanabe, R. Akahori Hydraulic model test on channel shifting and yielding woody debris on the fan after sediment disaster in the past (#51)
H. Izumiyama, T. Yamakoshi, Y. Takahashi, Y. Nishiguchi, R. Okuyama Pilot study to explain runout distances of debris flow and immature debris flow considering depositing rate (#64)
W. Ji, Z. Liang, C.E. Choi Object impacted and transported by dry granular flow: 3D MPM-SDEM (#69)
B. Kang, K. Jun, H. Lee, C. Jang, H. Jo Numerical Simulation Reflecting Buildings in Area Damaged by Debris flow (#73)
B.W. McArdell, J. Hirschberg, J. Aaron, A. Badoux Evaluation of a method to calculate debris-flow volume based on observations of flow depth (#92)
Y. Miyahara, T. Horiguchi, Y. Komatsu Influence of approach shape of debris flow on impact load subjected to open Sabo dam under an overturning experiment of open Sabo dam (#99)
M. Morel, G. Piton, D. Kuss, G. Evin, C. Le Bouteiller Statistical Modelling of Sediment Supply in Torrent Catchments of the Northern French Alps (#102)
O. Polanía, N. Estrada, M.  Renouf, E. Azéma, M. Cabrera Granular column collapse: the role of particle size polydispersity on the velocity and runout (#116)
L. Sarno, Y. Wang, Y. Tai, M.N. Papa, P. Villani Chute flows of dry granular media: numerical simulations by a well-posed multilayer model and comparisons with experiments (#130)
K. Sato, T. Uchida Testing applicability of image analysis for measurement of sediment concentration in laboratory experiments (#131)
T. Shimizu, Y. Yamazaki, N. Imamori Development of an open source Debris Flow Simulator for "Sabo" (DFSS) (#136)
P. Song, C. Choi Growth of Debris Flows by Soil Bed Erosion: Effects of Frictional and Hydrodynamic Shear Stresses (#139)
J. Takahama, K. Shintani Experiments on and numerical calculations of debris flows passing through narrowed and widened channel regions (#147)
F. Zarattini, A. Pol, F. Gabrieli, B. Chareyre Micromechanical simulations of the collapse of a submerged granular column (#170)
C. Zhu, C. Peng, W. Wu Mixture theory-based SPH model for submerged landslide (#175)
Session: Engineering and Mitigation
M. Barbini, M. Bernard, M. Boregggio, F. Da Re, C. Gregoretti Design of two retention basins along the torrent Liera on the Gares Valley (Dolomites, North East Italy) after the storm Vaia (#9)
D. Farshi, D. Suter Application of physical models to improve the mitigation structures of debris flow in a case study (#39)
H. Fatehi, D. Ong, J. Yu, I. Chang Debris flow mitigation by using biopolymers as a soil stabilizer (#40)
W. Kane, J. McElhany, B. Forsthoff Field investigation and design of debris nets in an environmentally sensitive area (#72)
F. Ko, C. Chan, H. Ho, K. So Mitigation Strategy for Low-frequency Large-magnitude Debris Flows in Hong Kong (#75)
Y. Kong, M. Guan Deciphering controls for the impact of geophysical flows on a flexible barrier: Insights from coupled CFD-DEM modeling (#77)
S. Lee, H. An, M. Kim Analysis of mitigation effect of the open- and closed-type check dam (#82)
R. Li, C.E. Choi Flow-type landslides Impacting V-shaped Diversions: Physical Modelling (#84)
G. Nagl, R. Kaitna, J. Hübl Spatial distribution of natural debris-flow impact (#104)
M. Sugimoto, K. Koizumi, T. Arita, T. Horiguchi Experimental Study on Structural Behaviour of Steel Wire Mesh under Impact Loading (#144)
C. Tognacca, E. Toschini, M. Benagli, G. Maddalena Physical model investigation of the transition of a debris flow from the aerial to the water phase (#151)
A. Ujjwal, S. Sureka, G.K. Mishra, M. Mukherjee, A. Dey Static and dynamic impact forces on a rigid barrier due to dry debris flow simulated by a DEM-based granular column collapse (#155)
Y. Wang, W.Wu, C. Peng SPH Modelling of Debris Flow Impact Forces on Dual Barriers (#160)
H. Watabe, S. Tagata, T. Yuzawa, T. Itoh Sediment control and logs capturing in sand pocket with combination of sabo dam with large conduit and iron bars (#162)
Y.Yamazaki, T. Noro, K. Miwa, T. Mizuyama, M. Fujita, S. Miyata, A. Ikeda, T.Furuya, T. Nagayama, T. Itoh A simplified numerical model for evaluating sediment control by open-type sabo dams in the Joganji River basin (#168)
D. Yang, Y. You Study on mechanism of scouring abrasion of debris flow in drainage structures (#169)