Field Trips

DFHM8 | Torino | 26-29 June 2023

Geology, Engineering & History

The Conference plans two field trips — one before the Conference and one after — for visiting sites with debris flows activity, and the corresponding mitigation measures, in the Western Italian Alps. Participation in the field trips is optional, and a fee is charged that is in addition to the basic fee required to attend the Conference. Only Conference attendees and their guests can participate in the field trips.

The number of participants that can be accommodated on each trip is limited; therefore, those interested in participating in the field trips should register together with their registration to the Conference.

Debris Flows in the Susa Valley (1 day)

This 1-day trip will lead the participants in the Susa Valley, a territory that has always been the transit route connecting the plain with the Alpine passes to France. A geographically varied area through which runs the fabled Via Francigena, here history, architecture, spirituality, nature and small hamlets are the attraction for many tourists.

During the tour, it is planned to visit two debris flow areas that are close to the town of Bardonecchia and Bussoleno, respectively. In both the cases, mitigation structures exist to control the flow dynamics. In particular, the visit of the Bussoleno site will be preceded by a short seminar to introduce the wildfire-induced debris/mud flow that occurred in June 2018.

Technical and cultural aspects will be part of this trip, and we will accompany you to discover some of the highlights of this valley.

Date: June 25, 2023
Depart: 8:00AM, June 25, 2023
Return: 19:00PM, June 25, 2023
Cost: 95€ (VAT included)  FULL

The price covers:
- Lunch on June 25 at a local restaurant
- Transport and insurance
- Guided tour of Susa's historical centre

Meet-up and post-trip arrival in front of the main Politecnico entrance (see here)

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Debris Flows in the Aosta Valley (2 days)

This 2-day trip, starting after the Conference conclusion, will lead the participants in the Aosta Valley. This is the smallest region in Italy, dotted with the highest peaks in the Alps. In particular, the Mont Blanc, rising 4807m a.s.l., dominates the region and is the highest mountain in the Alps and Western Europe. This valley history of coexistence between communities and geohazards stretches back to the Romans.

The tour will include a hike to the debris-flow monitoring site at St. Vincent, and to the massive mitigation structures protecting Pollein, near Aosta. A highlight of the trip is the ascent with the Skyway Monte Bianco, a cable car linking the town of Courmayeur with Punta Herbronner (3466m a.s.l.) on the southern side of the Mont Blanc massif, itself threatened by landslide activity and glacier collapses.

Back in Courmayeur, a stop at the headquarters of Fondazione Montagna Sicura ("Safe Mountain Foundation") will be the occasion to introduce participants to the foundation's activities. Participants will observe the large slope instability at La Saxe and be provided with a description of the Oyace site, where an important debris flow occurred in August 2022, and which will be visited on the way back to Turin.

Date: June 29-30, 2023
Depart: 2:30PM, June 29, 2023
Return: 7:30PM, June 30, 2023
Cost: 300€ (VAT included) FULL

The price covers:
- Accommodation in Aosta (single occupancy at Hotel du Cheval Blanc)
- Dinner on June 29 in a typical Alpine restaurant
- Breakfast and lunch box on June 30
- Transport and insurance
- Ticket for Mont Blanc Skyway gondola*

* The Skyway gondola rises up to 3466 m. Participants who wish to opt out due to health concerns can contact the conference chair (

Meet-up and post-trip arrival in front of the main Politecnico entrance (see here)

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