Day 3 | Wednesday, June 28th

DFHM8 | Torino | 26-29 June 2023

Wednesday, June 28th

9:00 - 10:45 Aula Magna
Session: Case Studies and Hazard Assessment I
Moderator: Yoshifumi Satofuka
9:00 Keynote speaker: J. Kowalski (Germany) Towards reliability-management for debris flow risk assessment (#78)
9:30 Discussion
9:35 A.R. Jaapar, M.F.S.M. Aripin, I. Komoo, C.A. Ali, Z. Ramli, A.R. Harun, J. Bachat, Z. Mohamad, R. Che Omar, K.A. Razak, C.S. Lim The Emerging Widespread Debris Flow Disasters in Tropical Terrain of Peninsular Malaysia: Understanding the Risk and Policy Intervention (#65)
9:50 D.C. Rüther, L. Rubensdotter, H. Hefre Extreme precipitation on dry ground in western Norway - characteristics of induced landslides call for adaption of the Norwegian practice in landuse planning (#127)
10:05 N. Oakley, L. McGuire, J. Lancaster, J. Kean Integration of meteorology and geomorphology for enhanced understanding of post-fire debris-flow hazards (#107)
10:20 Discussion
10:30 - 11:00 Foyer / Emma Strada Room
Coffee Break
11:00 - 12:30 Aula Magna
Session: Case Studies and Hazard Assessment II
Moderator: Claudio Scavia
11:00 Keynote speaker: G. Rosatti (Italy) The debris flow event of 29 October 2018 in the Rio Rotiano (Italy) and its challenges for the mathematical and numerical modelling (#126)
11:30 Discussion
11:35 R. Kaitna, D. Prenner, M. Switanek, M. Stoffel, D. Maraun, M.. Hrachowitz Impact of climate change on hydro-meteorological trigger conditions for debris flows in Austria (#71)
11:50 M.E. Reid, D.L. Brien, C. Cronkite-Ratcliff, J.P. Perkins Using integrated growth to delineate debris-flow inundation (#122)
12:05 A. Strouth, S. Zubrycky, S. McDougall Quantifying debris-flow hazard and risk based on fan sector (#143)
12:20 Discussion
12:30 - 14:00 Foyer/Emma Strada Room
Lunch Break
13:30 - 14:00 Aula Magna
Satellite Sponsor Session III
Moderator: Andrea Pasqua
RISP S.r.l. - Paola Bertolo Full scale tests and modeling of debris flows and shallow landslides retaining structures in accordance with EAD 340020-00-0106 (15')
Trumer - Gernot Stelzer Catchment Structures with Lambda Frame – Design, Function, Maintenance (15')
14:00 - 15:50 Aula Magna
Session: Needs of End Users
Moderator: Brian McArdell
14:00 Keynote speaker: G. Piton (France) Defining Protection Works Against Debris-Flow Hazards: Industrial Standard, Tailor-made or Haute-couture? (#115)
14:30 Discussion
14:35 M. Ponziani, D. Ponziani, A. Giorgi, H. Stevenin, S.M. Ratto A regional early warning system for summer debris flows (#117)
14:50 D. Rickenmann, C. Scheidl Modelling of debris-flow deposition: terrain slope, mobility coefficient, and back-calculated basal friction coefficient (#124)
15:05 T. Davies, M. Bloomberg, D. Palmer, T. Robinson Debris-flow risk-to-life: upper-bound preliminary screening (#30)
15:20 C. Berger, F. Zimmermann, R. Mauerhofer, M. Christen MurGame: Protect your village from debris flows! (#12)
15:35 Discussion
15:50 - 18:30 Emma Strada Room
Poster Session II + Refreshments
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20:00 Arcadia Restaurant
Social Dinner
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