Thematic sessions

DFHM8 | Torino | 26-29 June 2023



The conference covers all aspects related to debris flows, from the efforts towards understanding their mechanical behaviour, to mitigation and risk assessment procedures.

Topics covered by the conference:

  • Debris-flow triggering
  • Debris-flow entrainment and motion
  • Debris-flow deposition and fan morphology
  • Hydrology and debris flows
  • Laboratory and numerical modeling
  • Field investigation
  • Remote sensing and monitoring techniques
  • Assessment of debris-flow susceptibility, hazard and risk
  • Application of mitigation technologies
  • Best practice guidelines
  • Forensic debris flow studies
  • Emergency management
  • Integration of multidisciplinary viewpoints
  • Risk management by local governments and legislation

Thematic sessions

The conference topics will be collected into seven thematic sessions. We will line up a comprehensive program with keynote speakers from industry, academia, and government:

  • Needs of End Users
  • Case Studies / Hazard Assessment
  • Processes / Mechanics
  • Monitoring / Detection / Warning
  • Role of Disturbance
  • Experiments / Modeling
  • Engineering / Mitigation

In addition, there will be oral presentations during morning and early afternoon sessions, and poster presentations during two lengthy afternoon sessions that will include an aperitivo buffet!